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For those living in Southern Cal and looking for ways to support young people in our community:

Project Motivate is hosting a gala fundraiser this coming Friday, April 17.

From the organizers:

“Our young people all have innate potentials for purposeful living,” said
Dr. Xuyen Dong-Matsuda, “I believe our roles are to respect and love them
for who they are, and to give them the support they need.”

Project MotiVATe serves as a culturally relevant resource to underserved
Vietnamese youth and their families in Orange County, who are among the
largest Asian racial subgroup in the County (Census 2000).  Through its
annual summer camp, one-on-one mentoring, weekly study halls, monthly events
and an all-volunteer staff, Project MotiVATe ensures that all mentees
graduate high school and pursue higher education while creating
opportunities for personal growth, cultural connectedness and social


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