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My Favorites

Anh Hung Tran films. Some people find his films a bit slow, but I love them and watch them over and over again. The cinematography is always on point.  It’s cool that his wife always appears in the movies too.

My favorites are Xich Lo and Vertical Ray of the Sun

Mai’s America— A wonderful documentary about Mai who comes to America as an exchange student. As the viewer you become so connected with this spunky girl.

The Owl and Sparrow– This movie I could watch a few times.

Three Seasons— One of my favorite films of all time.

The Anniversary—A short film by Ham Tran which is extremely moving.

Kieu Supertalented San Francisco filmmaker Thu Ha Vu made this film which was a hit in film festivals all around the country. This was written and produced by an all women crew too. I’m still waiting for the DVD release.

Films I Can’t Sit Through

Quiet American—This film was set in Viet Nam and it was critically acclaimed. But I personally could not sit still when Michael Caine was combing through Do Thi Hai Yen’s long hair. Hmmm, it brought back bad memories of men with an Asian fetish.

Heaven and Earth—When I watched this film when I was 16, I liked it only because it was rare for me to see Vietnamese on film. When I pulled it out again at age 30, it was a totally different experience. Not a favorite in my book. Though I give props to Le Ly Hayslip for sharing her story.

Simply FObulous— My friend lent this to me as a joke. I don’t understand why the director couldn’t cast the mom with a Vietnamese actress? Instead you have someone who is Filipino play the mom. The accents are so different!

First Morning – I wished I had liked this film more. The message of the film was compelling and universal but the film was missing something.

Tearjerker Film

Hearts and Minds— An Oscar winning documentary about the war by Peter Davis. I watched this two times in a film class and I was bawling so much I had to leave the room.

Am I missing any films on the lists?


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