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My top three favorite words:

hiền (gentle/virtuous)

dễ thương (lovely)

tình cảm (affection)

Of course, there’s never the perfect English translation for those words. Tell me some of your favorites. Btw, this is a kick-a** dictionary:


The other day I received a receipt from a bakery and my name was spelled “Oy Mguyes”. Looking at that non-Viet spelling—I cracked up. It looks more Spanish. As an adult I can now laugh at all the silly ways people pronounce and spell my name. Especially the “Nguyen” piece. Even my Filipino husband struggles with the name at times. Vietnamese names are so beautiful in our language, but they always seem to get butchered elsewhere. So, I didn’t give our son a Vietnamese first name but did give him the middle name “Thien”. His first name Kai is a popular Hawaiian and Japanese name. I didn’t want to subject him to endless years of correcting his teachers during roll call. My mom was a little upset but hey she goes by “Kim” which is not her original name either. What about you?

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