Funny the other night my friend, Ly told me a funny story about a classmate in her graduate class at the University of San Francisco.  There was a group discussion and the topic of comfort food came up.  Ly made a comment about claypot catfish being one of her favorite dishes.  Then she hears a chuckle from someone and the other classmate says “What…cat food?”  Ly responds ” No, catfish.  Haven’t you ever heard of this?”
 Well it’s a little shocking that even in San Francisco, someone is unaware of this amazing dish!  How many of us have eaten claypot catfish all our lives?  I know, I know….you’re mom makes it the best.   Mine is pretty good I think.  You have to cook it with the bones and skin for extra flavor!
 The best part is the peppered caramelized sauce from last night’s dinner.  Throw in some left over jasmine rice (not brown rice!) and my taste buds are in heaven.

 I think the famous Slanted Door Restaurant sells their claypot for a whoppin’ $17.  Truly,our food has made it in the culinary world.

 Click here for a good recipe!  No, it’s not quite the same if you don’t use a claypot.


The other day I received a receipt from a bakery and my name was spelled “Oy Mguyes”. Looking at that non-Viet spelling—I cracked up. It looks more Spanish. As an adult I can now laugh at all the silly ways people pronounce and spell my name. Especially the “Nguyen” piece. Even my Filipino husband struggles with the name at times. Vietnamese names are so beautiful in our language, but they always seem to get butchered elsewhere. So, I didn’t give our son a Vietnamese first name but did give him the middle name “Thien”. His first name Kai is a popular Hawaiian and Japanese name. I didn’t want to subject him to endless years of correcting his teachers during roll call. My mom was a little upset but hey she goes by “Kim” which is not her original name either. What about you?

I was given this beautiful jacket for the holidays. But I can’t wear it. It’s a little tragic. Coming from a family where my dad was in the South Vietnamese Air Force, I may be scorned. Living in the Bay Area too, it’s a little risky. For now, it will remain in my collection with hopes that my children can rock it one day.padidas1-5315284_adidasalt1_w345a

Well, I googled “vietnamese mothers” and “vietmom” and nothing came up in the blogosphere.  With the exception of non-vietnamese authors sharing their experiences raising adopted children from Viet Nam or raising bi-racial kids.  Well I’m a first generation Viet-American mom who wants to collect and capture stories, images, and goods that might be relevant like:

– Why our mothers want us to rest for 30 days after childbirth?

– How to teach your non-vietnamese partner our language?

– When is a good time to travel back to Viet Nam with your little ones?

– How many Vietnamese mothers are out there anyways?

– What books and toys are out there for us?

-What celebrities are adopting from VN these days?

– How many Vietmoms gave their child a vietnamese name?

I want to hear from you.  Send me your questions and share comments.

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