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My mom makes me nuoc mam and brings it to me in a recycled jar on a bi-monthly basis.  It’s nice to have her homemade sauce on-hand.   Yesterday,  the jar toppled over and spilled in the fridge.    The sweetness, stickiness, and bits of minced garlic makes it challenging to clean when it’s splattered over 2 shelves.   One sponge and 10 paper towels later, I’m sad because my mom’s nuoc man is all gone.

Read Shaved Ice Sundays excellent recipe.

courtesy of Shaved Ice Sundays

courtesy of Shaved Ice Sundays


You gotta love the kitchy viet gear that’s being created all over the world.  Here are some  cute finds for the whole family:

Available at Cafe Press:

I’m PHO real bib


I heart My Me


I highly recommend tees from fiftyseventhirtythree:

il_430xn48041763I have this shirt in green and love it!

Let me know if there are other cool viet collections out there.

I was given this beautiful jacket for the holidays. But I can’t wear it. It’s a little tragic. Coming from a family where my dad was in the South Vietnamese Air Force, I may be scorned. Living in the Bay Area too, it’s a little risky. For now, it will remain in my collection with hopes that my children can rock it one day.padidas1-5315284_adidasalt1_w345a

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