Funny the other night my friend, Ly told me a funny story about a classmate in her graduate class at the University of San Francisco.  There was a group discussion and the topic of comfort food came up.  Ly made a comment about claypot catfish being one of her favorite dishes.  Then she hears a chuckle from someone and the other classmate says “What…cat food?”  Ly responds ” No, catfish.  Haven’t you ever heard of this?”
 Well it’s a little shocking that even in San Francisco, someone is unaware of this amazing dish!  How many of us have eaten claypot catfish all our lives?  I know, I know….you’re mom makes it the best.   Mine is pretty good I think.  You have to cook it with the bones and skin for extra flavor!
 The best part is the peppered caramelized sauce from last night’s dinner.  Throw in some left over jasmine rice (not brown rice!) and my taste buds are in heaven.

 I think the famous Slanted Door Restaurant sells their claypot for a whoppin’ $17.  Truly,our food has made it in the culinary world.

 Click here for a good recipe!  No, it’s not quite the same if you don’t use a claypot.