Well, I googled “vietnamese mothers” and “vietmom” and nothing came up in the blogosphere.  With the exception of non-vietnamese authors sharing their experiences raising adopted children from Viet Nam or raising bi-racial kids.  Well I’m a first generation Viet-American mom who wants to collect and capture stories, images, and goods that might be relevant like:

– Why our mothers want us to rest for 30 days after childbirth?

– How to teach your non-vietnamese partner our language?

– When is a good time to travel back to Viet Nam with your little ones?

– How many Vietnamese mothers are out there anyways?

– What books and toys are out there for us?

-What celebrities are adopting from VN these days?

– How many Vietmoms gave their child a vietnamese name?

I want to hear from you.  Send me your questions and share comments.